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As we get older a little additional help with some aspects of daily living may be enough to bridge the gap between maintaining your own independence and receiving more institutionalised and expensive care. We all hope to live as independently as possible in later life and the knowledge that there is help at hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is sometimes all that is needed to bring much needed peace of mind.

A ‘RENTALS plus’ property enables you to continue to live independently. Each property is designed to a high standard, carefully maintained and gives you the comfort and reassurance that additional care and support is at hand, should you ever need it.

Most developments offer a menu of additional services, should you require extra help with day to day chores, such as cleaning and laundry. Some also offer treatments, such as chiropody, hairdressing and physiotherapy.

Each ‘RENTALS plus’ property has excellent facilities including a well equipped kitchen and a bathroom which contains a level access ‘wet area’ shower, as well as a bath.

A little help when you need it...

a range of properties providing

a 'Helping Hand'.